Sunday, June 4, 2017

Happy Garage Sale People!!!

Yesterday was an absolutely fantastic day for garage sale! There were many families out selling their wares along with lemonade, hot dogs, hamburgers and more.

Yes, this picture was in yesterday but I am biased as he is my grandson !!! :)

Loads of buyers came from far and wide to participate in our community event.

Annual trip from Oshawa to purchase this vintage sled. Great accent for the holidays!

Many interesting items were displayed for sale....

Giant egg shaped speaker chair. Could you imagine keeping this beast for all these years? Where the heck would it live?

Book exchange house (not for sale) surrounded by home made birdhouses (Are for sale) on Warland

The Scarborough Ice Raiders Minor Peewee A hockey team took over a corner of Donlands and Wolverton!!!

Team and Coach Rob raised over $1,100 for the team !!! Way to go team!!! What a fabulous group effort!

Yasmin from Pepler came down with a bad flu on Friday morning and was unable to get all her baking done. She is still not feeling great but recovering. Her loving family took over her annual bake sale and they were still able to raise $500 for Wellspring !!! Fabulous job!

Happy Faces all around!!!

The Salvation Army showed up early this year just after 1:00pm. They had a 3 tonne truck that was quickly filled up and a second truck had to be ordered. That truck then got half filled up! Way to go neighbours for a generous donation day for The Salvation Army!!!
 Two trucks from The Salvation Army

 Imperial helping Rob load donations into huge cardboard boxes

A shrink wrapped sofa delivered by 4 able bodied people

Imperial and Mario were awesome drivers and packers from The Salvation Army!! We hope to see you again next year!!

Special Thanks !!!

Thank you and a big shout out to all the folks that spread the word about the garage sale by inviting people to the FaceBook event and sharing and liking posts. Your help made a huge difference in the turn out, I am sure!

The sign man.... Joe Bortolussi, faithfully drives around every year after the garage sale and collects all the banners and signs. That is a huge job and it is greatly appreciated!!! 

John and Sheila Brazys are always helping at 65 Pepler Avenue. They are at the house by 7:00am and stay until the Salvation Army truck leaves at 4pm. Then.....this year, they invited us to their house for a lovely dinner of nicoise salad. How good is that! Thank you so much for all that you do!

Special thanks to all that helped at 65 Pepler. Vanessa, Michelle, Sheila and John, Sherran, Janet, Kevin, Paul and last but not least, my husband, Peter Carr. Without out his help and support, this event would not happen.

Great job folks and see you at garage sale in 2018!!!

Saturday, June 3, 2017

What an Unbelievable Day !!!

What a successful day for the Golden Triangle Garage Sale!!! The weather was perfect, and everyone appeared to have a wonderful time. I am going to publish a full post tomorrow but thought it would be good to post a few pics from today until tomorrow happens.

No Description Needed here. 

Frank and his Grandchildren along with Frank's grown from seed vegetable plants. The weather has been too cold to get the basil going, says Frank.

Scarborough Ice Raiders Minor Peewee A Fundraiser. They brought in $1,100 !!! The entire team chipped in and put on an amazing sale on Donlands. Way to go team!!!

Till tomorrow...Everyone have a restful and relaxing evening !!!

Friday, June 2, 2017

12 Hours and Counting !!!

Well Folks, we are almost there!

The need for a weather forecast has ceased and it is time to get those tables set up and get things organized for tomorrow. 

Contents and Bake Sale on Beechwood

We got notification today that there is quite a sale happening on Beechwood. 15 Beechwood Crescent is having a contents sale. 3 Beechwood Drive (right across the street) is serving up best ever choco banana cake, freshly baked cinnamon buns, ice cold lemonade and more. Sounds and looks yummy!!!

Choco Banana Cake

Cinnamon Buns 

Safety Tips
I spoke with a member of the Toronto Police Department, and they made some good recommendation about safety while putting on a garage sale. Listed below are some tips that they shared. Hoping that everyone has a happy and safe sale tomorrow! :)

  1. Try to keep doors locked especially side doors as people get distracted easily.
  2. Purse and valuables should not be in plain view.
  3. Carry a fanny pack or something similar to carry your money. It is not advised to have a cash box that sits on a table.
  4. Do not accumulate large amounts of cash. Put excess cash in the house.
  5. Make sure you have enough people to assist you  on the day of the sale.
  6. Greet people and make eye contact with them as they approach your sale. That makes them less likely to steal from you.
  7. Higher priced items should be closer to the house, not at the sidewalk.
  8. Don't accept large bills due to counterfeiting.
  9. Keep the buyer's bill out until you give them their change and then put the bill away. That way, they can't say they gave you a 20 instead of a 10.
  10. Do not allow any strangers in the house for any reason.
  11. Put your garage sale package terms of sale notice up that says "Cash Only", "No Returns" and "Final Sale".
See you tomorrow everyone!!!!

1 Day and Counting !!!!

We have hit the jackpot with the weather !!!!! Take a look 
at this awesome forecast for tomorrow!!! It doesn't get any
 better than this!!!

Now that we are all sorted out with the weather, it is time for everyone to do some serious social media about the sale! We are down to the short strokes now and every little bit helps. Thank you to MaimuMolder, Annick Torfs, Sheila Brazys, Downsizing Diva, Vanessa Barker and everyone else who is promoting the sale!! 

I will check in later today with an update! Send me pictures and stories for posting.

Thursday, June 1, 2017

2 Days and Counting!!!!

Environment Canada has upgraded our weather forecast for Saturday! Looks like we will be needing our sunscreen and hats. Yippee!!!!

So, today, we bring out all the directional signs and sign stands and get them cleaned up and organized for Saturday. There are almost 30 signs that will be put up on Saturday morning. Nobody will have to wonder where this giant garage sale is !!!

Blank Photography Cards for Sale

Friend and local photographer, Sheila Brazys, will be selling her pre-packaged blank photo cards on Saturday! She is offering a Golden Triangle Special of 7 cards for the price of 6. All the cards in the packages will have different photos about nature and what it has to offer. She will be set up at 65 Pepler Avenue.

The Legion on Pape is having an open house

Not only is The Legion on Pape having a garage sale and a BBQ, they are having an open house for the public. Drop by and say hello! They are serving Peameal Bacon on a bun in the morning and moving to hamburgers and hotdogs in the afternoon. And, of course, they will be reasonably priced. The earnings from the BBQ will go to the Women's Auxiliary and those of the yard sale will go to The Legion, which is a Veteran's club. 

Looks like we are all well on our way to having another successful Neighbourhood garage sale! Send your notes and pictures to include in tomorrow's blog post !!!

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

3 Days and Counting!!!!! Garage Sale Fever is in the Air!!!


Things are looking Fantastic for Saturday!

Posting tomorrow morning with more great information.

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

4 Days and Counting!!!

Weather is still holding out!

I figure if we check different weather sites on a daily basis that we will really get a good picture of what to expect on Saturday. Today's forecast is even looking better than yesterday's.

Salvation Army Truck

As you know, The Salvation Army will be sending a truck to 65 Pepler Avenue at 1:30pm on Saturday for people to drop off their leftovers in the form of donations. 

You may see a truck that looks like a rental vehicle and that is because it is! Apparently, the trucks that they have been using are so old and falling apart so badly, they have finally had to order some new ones. They always look so nicely maintained and wrapped with their message, one would never suspect that they are in bad shape.

Here is a list of acceptable items for your reference.

They also recycle items such as broken electronics and stained or damaged clothing. For the recycled items, please clearly mark these items as recyclable. The only items that they cannot take are mattresses, boxsprings, bike helmets and baby items such as high chairs, strollers, etc... due to health codes.

For more information you can visit their website at

Items for sale

We at 65 Pepler will be putting out some items....a sneak preview of some lamps and a beautiful mirror might get your attention? 

Have two of these beauties. They are 34 inches tall 
and have a glass base. 

Beautiful bevelled mirror with antique frame. 
Would keep but have nowhere to put it.

Best offer on both!

Well folks, signing off for another night. Send your pictures and stories of what you are doing this year for garage sale so that we can post it.

Monday, May 29, 2017

5 Days and Counting!

Good Chance for Nice Weather Says the Weather Network!

That is fabulous as it is always about the weather! Fingers crossed that it stays the same throughout the week.

Exciting news!

Yasmin on Pepler Avenue is going to be having her famous bake sale again this year. This will be her 11th year having the bake sale and all the proceeds go to Wellspring! Come early so that you don't miss out. 

A BIG Welcome to The Royal Canadian Legion

The Legion on Pape just south of O'Connor usually has their annual garage sale in July. They decided to join our community event this year and we are happy that they did! The more the merrier! They will be set up in the parking lot off of Pape. Drop by to do some shopping and to say hello.

The banners are strategically positioned, lawn signs are popping up around the neighbourhood and the hustle and bustle of people getting ready for garage sale has begun. There is always a sense of excitement in the air for the week leading up to the sale.

If anyone has anything they would like posted this week on the Blog to help to advertise their sale, please forward me a blurb and pictures. Happy to post about what is happening in the hood.

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Time to Have the Family Talk About.....Garage Sale !!!!

Fast approaching is this year's annual Golden Triangle Garage Sale !!

As you and your family get together to celebrate this long weekend, you might be talking about getting ready for Garage Sale! Whether or not you are going to many helpers you might need...When and where do I start my Spring cleaning.

This year is the 20th Anniversary of the Golden Triangle Garage Sale. It will be held on Saturday, June 3rd from 8am to 2pm.

This garage sale is possibly one of the best and most attended in the city. Tell your on your social media. Let's get the word out !!!

Happy Spring Everyone!