Monday, June 3, 2013

Garage Sale Pictures 2013

Well, the Garage Sale Gods were looking out for us this past Saturday. It really looked like it was going to rain first thing in the morning but it ended up turning out to be a perfect day. And what a great day it was!

We had fantastic exposure for the sale! The garage sale blog, has had a total of 4,035 visits. There were 282 visits on Friday and 572 for the month of May. We were advertised in/on;

Here we go with the pictures

The Garage Sale Goddess was back after being absent for several years

Brian and Wendy are all smiles

Annie and Rod enjoying the day

Bob and Yvonne have been on Warland for almost 60 years

Chris always takes his vacation at garage sale time

Chris Willis striking a pose. Sexy!!!

Another Chris enjoying the sale

Glenna and Maurice - Our Faithful Garage Salers and Volunteers

Clancy, the supervisor

Claudia, Simon and Maddy 

A Fairy Princess Tree

Frank with grand daughter, Sophia

George, Christine and Taggart are all smiles!

Helen always participates!

Ilias with daughter, Melina in a fantastic hat!

Janet and sister, Susan who came all the way from Brockville!


Jared Loves garage sale and particpates every year.
Was selling very YUMMY chocolate chip cookies!
Joe and Karen and the gang

Ken supported the sale on Linked In

Isn't this a beautiful family!


Jason and Anne on Donlands

Kathy was the only participant on the south side of Pepler this year.
We will have to get the rest of them to step up next year.

Rita annd Jimmy Maragos. Two of my favourite people!

Mario will clean your carpets too!

Raising money for the Canadian Music Therapy Trust Fund!
Wanda is on the board

Peter and Samia enjoying their second garage sale!
 Looks like there will be 3 next year!
Good luck Samia!

Sarah trying desperately hard to sell that love seat!

Best Friend and ultimate helper, Sheila
My Daughter, Vanessa. Yes folks, I will be a grandma in August
Husband, Peter

Sherran cleared over $600 and mostly in Clothing. She has a clothing fetish, apparently!

Unfortunately, our very young fundraiser was taking
a break on Rivercourt at picture time. :(

Yasmin and grand daughter, Kiara keeping in the shade.
Yasmin's bake sale this year brought in a whooping $601.65.
All of the money will be dontated to Wellspring.
Way to go Yasmin and thank you!

Dennis, the Salvation Army truck driver and Peter Packing the truck. Almost full!!!

The Salvation Army truck.
Thank you Salvation Army for participating in our sale!!!

Well folks, that is it for this year!

Thank you Glenna Fong, Maimu Molder and Sheila Brazys
for stapling notices to the garage sale bags

Thank you Joe Bortolussi
for collecting all the signs and banners after the sale

Thank you John and Sheila Brazys
for helping at 60 Pepler on the day of the sale and
with helping to load the Salvation Army Truck
Thank you, once again, Salvation Army
for participating in our sale
A Big Thank You to my husband, Peter Carr
He works every bit as hard as I to make the sale happen every year.
Please feel free to comment and/or make suggestions about the sale or the blog and PLEASE think about volunteering next year. We can use all the help we can get.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

It's Party Time!!!

Good morning everyone! Well, it is Garage Sale day and we are dry, so far. Only a chance of thunderstorms this morning and 40% chance of precipitation. The odds are in our favour. We are setting up the sale and will take it as it comes.

Happy Garage Saling and should things change, I will post and feel free to make comments.

Friday, May 31, 2013

Less than 12 hours!

Well folks, it is less than 12 hours before the sale is due to start! How exciting is that????Someone emailed this morning to say that they heard our sale being talked about on the radio on their way to work. That is pretty neat!

All the directional signs are clean and organized and loaded in the truck ready to be put up first thing tomorrow morning. And when we say first means first thing. Cooler is ready to fill with ice and drinks. Sandwiches made, watermelon ready to be sliced and veggies and dip for snacking.

The neighbourhood was a bit ominous this evening as everyone was busy preparing for the big day. Wandered over to a neighbours and looked at their preparation for the sale.

They have even organized a changing room in the garage for customers to try things on

Puzzles anyone?

Those sail boats on the right are very nice...64 Pepler

Gardening stuff anyone?

Now...let's talk about the weather....the reports are a bit grim at the moment but showers in the morning amounting to 1mm doesn't sound extreme. There are some people that do rain dances. Does anyone know of someone that does sun dances????Maybe we will get some intervention and East York will be missed all together. That is all we can hope for. Fingers and toes crossed. We will be setting up as scheduled. Obviously everyone can do whatever they want but I will be posting tomorrow to keep you informed. If it is bad, we will commit to putting up all the signs on Sunday. Feel free to comment on the blog.

Time to finish pricing and hit the hay. Looking forward to seeing everyone tomorrow.

Hubby and I putting up the last of the banners tonight

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Two Days and Counting!

Fantastic news folks! The East York Mirror has given us our own article in this week's paper! How fantastic is that? Thank you East York Mirror for helping to make our community event a huge success!

Now, back to the weather...The Weather Network and Accuweather are pretty well saying the same as yesterday. We know it is going to be hot, ranging from 26 to 29 degrees with a real feel as high as 31. They are saying a couple of showers or thunderstorms. Thunderstorms normally take place in late afternoon as I have discovered over the garage saling years. Hopefully, that will hold true. Let's all keep our fingers crossed.

Can we talk about Safety at our sale this year?

Talked to the Toronto Police at 54 Division. Spoke to Ingrid Hannah. She is our Crime Prevention Officer. If you have any questions, feel free to call her at 416-808-5429 or email at

Last year there was some police presence on Chilton Road. Apparently, there was an attempted car theft. Hannah also told me a story about a household having a sale and had a clothing rack in their driveway by the side of the house. The rack was shielding the side door. Thieves went in the house through the side door, which was unlocked and took the owner's purse. SOOOOOO......Hannah was kind enough to give us some tips to keep us safe during our sale.

Had to throw this picture in. Where does one get a "Garage Sale Goddess" t-shirt?

Safety tips from Officer Hannah

  1. Lock all doors as people get distracted easily.
  2. Purse and valuables should not be in plain view.
  3. Carry a fanny pack (yes we discussed how old fashioned they are) or something similar to carry your money.
  4. Do not accumulate large amounts of cash. Put excess cash in the house.
  5. Make sure you have enough people to assist you on the day of the sale.
  6. Greet people and make eye contact with them as they approach your sale. That makes them less likely to steal from you.
  7. Higher priced items should be closer to the house, not at the sidewalk.
  8. Don't accept large bills due to counterfeiting.
  9. Keep the buyer's bill out until you give them their change and then put the bill away. That way they can't say they gave you a 20 instead of a 10.
  10. Do not allow any strangers in the house for any reason.
  11. Put your garage sale package terms of sale notice up that says "cash only", "no returns" and "final sale"
Well...that is it for today! See you tomorrow

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Three Days and Counting!

The Golden Triangle Garage Sale is almost here! As you travel through the neighbourhood, you can see people hauling things out of the garage and preparing for the big sale. Banners and signs are being erected to make sure that everyone knows that the sale is happening this year.

Colin D'Mello from CTV broadcasting live in 2011 from the Golden Triangle


Now, before we go any further, we should talk about the weather. The Weather network is saying that Saturday will be 26 degrees feeling like 31 and there is a chance of thundershowers. Accuweather reports that the temperature will be 29 degrees and that there will be a COUPLE of showers and thunderstorms. My take on all this is that we are going to have a wonderful day and then, around 3 or 4 pm we will experience some thundershowers. That would be quite nice so that we can all get cooled down after such a hot day and successful garage sale. I will post daily from now until sale time to keep everyone up to date with how things are looking.

There are a few people to look for during garage sale!

Frank at 56 Warland usually grows herb and vegetable plants from seed. I have tasted crop from his plants and it has been very tasty. Prices are awesome!

Yasmin at 33 Pepler will be having a huge bake sale. She usually has a BBQ and sells soft drinks as well. ALL of the proceeds go to Wellspring. Yasmin really knows how to bake!

Michael, owner of the Leslieville Cheese Market on Donlands will be at 60 Pepler Avenue giving out samples of his nationally recognized grilled cheese sandwiches. Can hardly wait to try one out!

And, as usual, Dennis and the Salvation Army Truck will be at 60 Pepler Avenue from 1 to 4pm on Saturday to help take care of the leftovers. This will be the 9th year running that Dennis and the Salvation Army have supported our event. Thank you Salvation Army!

If anyone knows of other special spots to look for during garage sale, let me know and I will be happy to post them on the blog.

Back tomorrow!

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Salvation Army Notice Correction!

The Salvation Army bags went out yesterday with a notice attached for the Golden Triangle Garage Sale. Chris, from Chilton Road, called today to bring to my attention that some of the notices had June 2nd as garage sale day and Salvation Army Truck day. It is and was supposed to be June 1st.

Deepest apologies for this mistake. Please pass the message along that the Garage Sale is June 1st, in case anyone is confused.

Thanking you in advance.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

2013 Garage Sale Notice


The 16th Annual Golden Triangle Garage Sale is coming soon!

Well, it is that time of year again! Time to start your Spring cleaning and declutter your house. With that comes finding things that you don't need or use anymore which usually starts everyone off with what is known as "the garage sale pile." Here, people will clean, sort, and price items awaiting the giant garage sale day when the entire neighbourhood opens it's doors and sheds itself of many, many unwanted items.

Please vote if you will be participating. Also, feedback is always greatly appreciated. We need volunteers to help with the sale. If anyone could offer some time to prepare flyers, garage sale packages, be a street captain, put up and take down signs, that would be wonderful. Please contact Lynn Marie.

Have fun at the sale and looking forward to seeing everyone out on the 1st of June. Here is the garage sale notice that will be sent out this week.