Monday, June 4, 2012

Tutus for Sale

This post is being made by Neighbour, Ann McManiman

Lynn Robinson stopped in to say hello during her Annual Golden Triangle Garage Sale and Salvation Army drive when she noticed my Tutus strung across the front veranda and questioned “what are these?” with a sweet smile.

Ann, Will and Scarlet

 I explained I am a new stay at home mom and that I had made a tutu for my daughter Scarlett when it dawned on me that maybe I could make a bit of extra cash selling them to local mothers or maybe even online. To promote them I thought I would string up a few across the front of my house to see if anyone noticed or for that matter to see if people liked them. To my delight many women and even men were complimenting them and taking cards.

Scarlet in Pink

I would love to take this chance to promote them. So if you’re looking for a gift for your daughter, granddaughter or for a beautiful little girl you know I would be pleased to make you a handmade tutu or tutu dress. Available in any size & colour just provide me the measurements. Price range from $25-30 and attached is a pic of Scarlett wearing her tutu and another example of what I can make you.

My name is Ann and my cell is 416-668-6221 or my e-mail is

The Tutu Dress

Sunday, June 3, 2012

2012 Photographs of the Golden Triangle Garage Sale

The Golden Triangle was an enormous success this year! Even thought the weather kept everyone on their toes, other than a short shower, the rest of the sale remained dry. I did notice a few winter coats on as I went around to visit with people. Overall, it all worked out.

The crowds were great and the comments were all very favourable. the sale was posted on Kijiji and that posting got 757 visits. the Blog has had 571 views over the last month. There were 108 views on Friday and 143 views Saturday. These are fantastic numbers! The garage sale email list is up to 120 people. If you want to be on the list, just send Lynn an email at This list is only used for garage sale and community communication.

Throughout the day, there were some wonderful things that happened and some great stories that need to be told. I will continue to post on this blog as there are community stories that you might be interested in. If you know of any stories or would like to comment on the sale or the Blog, please do so. It would be great to keep it going through the year. Everyone is encouraged to participate in the Blog. This is your blog.

2012 Garage Sale Pictures of Participants and Shoppers

Large crowds starting early


Janet, Kaare and Lorraine on Pepler

Sherran in heavy negotiations for her designer clothes

Karen, Doug, Family and friends

Mrs. Karagatzidis trying to sell some excess wine glasses

Alex, Patty and Hannah

Michael from the Leslieville Cheese Market promoting his shop on Donlands
Amazing shop and awesome cheeses and dips
One of the Top 10 best Grilled Cheese Sandwich places in Canada

Brian and Wendy sold an electric bike

David and Pascal stand in

Claudia, Simon, Madelyne, Pierre, and Michael enjoying the sale

Yasmin and Calvin
Yasmin's bake sale raised $652.13 for Wellspring this year. Way to go Yasmin!

Fundraiser accepting donation to help save the spotted turtle. Raised over $100.
This young lady is going places.


Valentino's Smokin Salmon on O'Connor between Pape and Pepler - Three Generations
The best Smoked Salmon in Town!

Kelly keeping alert with coffee in hand

Two of our home boys with White household labs

The Lam Family and Friends on Rivercourt

What a good looking, happy group

Helen prepared for the elements and very well organized, as always

Gibby, Oliver and BBQ guests

Sandi, Brian and Sandis's sister, Heather who comes all the way from Ottawa for the sale

Valerie, Maurice and Glenna (Street Captain) Participate every year

Chris following in his mother's footsteps

What the heck were the police taking pictures of cars for? More to follow on that.

Samia and Peter enjoying their first garage sale as new neighbours

Ann makes these tutus and they are amazing!
Contact her at 

Sylvia and her beautiful mother

And then there were three participating in garage sale. Congrats!

All grown up. I remember when they were born

Joe (Our sign recovery man), Cam and friends on Warland

Shannon grabbing a sandwich after all her hard work

Faithful Garage Sale Participants. Thank you!

Frank on Warland surrounded by his vegetable and herb plants
He plants from seed and his prices are right
Drop by for a visit #56

Quality time for Mother and Daughter

Quality time for Father and Son

Are those dancing flowers?

Mini Vans lined up to unload leftovers
Nice fascinator Sheila! (Street Captain and Ultimate Helper)

Jolly Hubby and Dennis the driver who has been with us for 8 years

The Salvation Army truck Loaded up with donations

A special THANK YOU to our street captains, Karen Mackie, Glenna Fong and Sheila Brazys. To Joe Bortolussi for picking up the signs, banners and lawn signs after the sale which he does every year. It is greatly appreciated. To John and Sheila Brazys who are our tireless extra sets of hands, eyes and ears on the day of the sale. To The Salvation Army for making the truck available to us for the sale and providing Dennis, the wonderful driver and helper who has been with us for 8 years. To all the Golden Triangle participants and shoppers without which, the sale would not be a success. To my husband, Peter Carr who works every bit as hard as I do every year to make our sale a success.


Happy Birthday wishes to Karen Mackie and Bob Bishop who both enjoyed their birthdays Saturday participating in garage sale.



Saturday, June 2, 2012

2 Hour Countdown Update

Good morning Folks,

It is 6:03 on the morning of the garage sale. My husband, Peter and I have been up since 5:00 am. so that we could put the last two banners up. They usually go up the night before but last night there were torrential rains and the winds were too high.

Husband Peter at 5AM putting up the last of the Garage Sale Banners
It is quite exciting as we have new banners this year and poles to go with them, and new directional signs. Everything matches now which makes things look more professional.

We have looked at the weather forecasts and it looks like there are Garage Sale Gods. Still not a sure thing, but it looks like the rain may hold off. This being the case (and one can only hope after the last 24 hours), we will not have to have a rain date today.

Well, off to the shower and the garage sale set up. Good luck everyone and I will post again today should there be a need.

Have an awesome day!!!

Friday, June 1, 2012

The 24 Hour Countdown Update

Hello Folks,

It is 10:47 am on Friday as I write this post. There have been several calls already with regards to the weather situation and what to do if it rains tomorrow.

I have searched the internet for weather forecasts for tomorrow (Saturday) and this is what was discovered;
  1. Google Weather reports that there will be sun and cloud tomorrow (no rain) with a high of 17C
  2. The Weather Network reports that we will have sun with variable clouds in the morning with a high of 14C and cloudy with showers in the afternoon with a high of 17C
  3. CBC Weather reports that it will be mainly cloudy with a chance of showers in the afternoon and evening with a high of 17C
All of these forecasts sound pretty good. So, let's keep our fingers and toes crossed that they are accurate and perhaps say a prayer or two.

WHAT HAPPENS IF IT RAINS? Most people will put their sale items out in the morning even if it is sprinkling a bit. That is what we are going to do. If it is raining badly and appears as if it is not going to let up (like right now as this post is being written) then, I will make a commitment to you to have the signs put back up for Sunday. IF that happens, it will be posted on the blog and your street captains will be informed who will then inform you. Unfortunately, we only have 3 street captains. If anyone wants to volunteer, please call me at 416-230-5800 today. We have captains for Pepler, Chilton and Warland.

The good news is that all of our advertising promotes a Raindate of Sunday, June 3rd.

On another note, let me tell you about Susan Forint who is an Interior Designer with a fantastic blog! She lives her passion for design through searching Toronto for inspirational and affordable finds. She featured our garage sale last year on her blog and has just posted this morning about our sale again. Here is the link to her post. Pretty amazing really. Thank you Susan!

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Bake Sale for Charity at Garage Sale

Every neighbourhood has it's heroes and heroine's. The Golden Triangle is very fortunate to have Yasmin Burt living amongst us. Yasmin is a fourteen year cancer survivor and has spent most of those last fourteen years giving back to society in one capacity or another. She is a very special person indeed.

Yasmin in 2005

Just one of her acts of kindness is to produce an amazing bake sale every year at 33 Pepler Avenue during the Golden Triangle Garage Sale. she has been having the bake sale for over 10 years. Last year, she raised just over $800. All of that money goes directly to her charity of choice, Wellspring. By the way...the food is very, very tasty!

The Wellspring mission statement reads as follows;
"To create the best programs to meet the psychological, emotional and educational needs of individuals and families living with cancer and deliver those programs to people in Canada." It is important to know that all of the programs at Wellspring are free. You can learn more about Wellspring on their site at

Yasmin and helper, Cam in 2008

Let's help Yasmin out...Yasmin would welcome any home baked donations for the sale to help with her cause. Please contact Lynn @ 416-230-5800 for details.

Yasmin and Lynn, 2011 Garage Sale

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Looking for "Special Treasures"

For 22 years, Community Care East York (CCEY) Senior Centre has held a fundraiser called the Candy Cane Magic Sale. The donations for this bazaar come from local residents and businesses. The sale includes a silent auction, bake sale, crafts, knitting, white elephants (typical garage sale items), special treasures, and a luncheon. The sale will take place November 10, 2012 from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Proceeds from the event go to support the CCEY Senior Centre located at 1108 Greenwood Avenue (at Cosburn) in the lower portion of the Cosburn United Church. The centre provides a wide range of programs and events for seniors and adults living with disabilities in the East York area. The CCEY Senior Centre is a part of Woodgreen Community Services, a United Way agency.

One Golden Triangle resident and long time garage sale supporter, Barb McCutcheon, is in charge of  Special Treasures this year and has asked for our help with donations. Special treasures are things of a better nature than your average garage sale items like those listed below;

  • Figurines
  • Collectibles, Depression glass, Bunnykins, etc.
  • Music boxes and Snow globes with music
  • Jewelry
  • Bone China cup and Saucers
  • Crystal objects e.g. vases, wine glasses, etc.
  • Silver - serving pieces, tea-sets, etc.

Last year's Special Treasures Table and Volunteer

Happy Volunteer with China Cups and Saucers

Here are a few words from Barb and the volunteers at CCEY;

" We'd love to see the residents of the Golden Triangle Sale have a wonderful and successful garage sale, but if at the end of the day, they have items left over that would be suitable as Special Treasure items, we'd love them to consider donating to the Candy Cane Magic Sale which supports programs for this community."

You can bring your donation items to the centre Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. daily. if you do not have a means to drop off your donations, please call me (Lynn) on my mobile at 416-230-5800.

Silent Auction Table

The silent auction featureed over 200 donated new items last year. If you have leads or donations for this table, please email Barb directly at

Please note that the centre is NOT asking for regular garage sale items at this time as they do not have the storage. They will be accepting these items closer to the sale date and encourage you to donate.

The centre is open to people 50 years old plus and adults with disabilities. Membership is free. If anyone requires additional information about the centre, the coordinator is Katharine Ho at 416-467-1166.

Costume Jewellry table with yet another happy volunteer